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Major Completed Projects 

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Consultancy Services for Infrastructure Convergence Planning System and Policy Development

REID’s role in this project was to improve the policy framework and planning systems for the development of DPWH projects to the infrastructure requirements of tourism, trade and industry, military, security and other economic and social sectors through existing and new Convergence Programs between DPWH and the Departments concerned.


To Embed and institutionalize the improved policy framework and planning system in the Convergence Program, as part of its regular functions , and provide for their sustained use by the DPWH Planning Service (PS) as well as the Regional Offices  (ROs) and the District Engineering Offices (DEOs) and other units involved.

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Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap Action Plans for the Philippine Constructors Association, in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry-Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines

REID was able to,

  • Establish a clear and systematic document that will arrange the various current and future initiatives and contributions of the stakeholders of the Construction industry.

  •  identify actionable items assigned to responsible government agencies and relevant private sector professional and business organizations

  • To incorporate the practical timeliness of the actionable items.

  • To estimate the appropriate financial and non-financial requirements of the actionable items; and

  • To provide a monitoring and compliance document of the Construction Industry Roadmap


USAID – Advancing  Philippine Competitiveness (COMPETE)

COMPETE (2013-2017) is a project aimed at supporting higher economic growth through interventions in infrastructure, power, tourism, agribusiness, manufacturing and domestic credit. Specifically it aims to improve quality of crucial infrastructure, particularly for transport and energy; enhance competitiveness of key industries, such as tourism and agribusiness; and improve access to credit direct and indirect programs in the capital markets.

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Supporting Reform Coalitions and Inclusive Institutions for Sustainable Change in the Philippines

The objective of the program is to support citizens and their coalitions in raising a demand for good governance and inclusive institutions for sustained inclusive growth in the Philippines. The proposed program has two main pillars – building coalitions for inclusive growth across the political spectrum in support of a broader set of reforms to meet the challenge of sustaining change for good governance and inclusive growth,  one of which is the improvement of the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects; recognizing that infrastructure has short term and long-term high impact on communities, businesses, employment economy and quality of living, coalition and the network that will be expanded will naturally follow a sequence towards the immediate, intermediate, and final users of infrastructure.


Supporting Reform Coalitions and Inclusive Institutions for Sustainable Change in the Philippines


Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) – Central and Southern Luzon

The objective of the program is to convene stakeholders from government, industry, and professional organizations to identify inclusive logistics infrastructure projects and policy priorities. To develop convergence proposal leveraging public-private dialogues and funding for targeted infrastructure spending by organizing large events.

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