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The Better Access and Connectivity (BEACON) Project

BEACON project is a five-year program that intends to promote economic growth by improving the country’s secure and transparent access to information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart logistics. Leveraging existing innovation and investment in the Philippines, the project will help enhance the country’s digital ecosystem by focusing simultaneously on institutional capacity; policy, regulatory, and process improvements; and underlying systems, infrastructure, and interoperability – all undertaken with intensive private sector and multi-stakeholder engagement. The result will be a stronger and more competitive telecommunication market and digital economy which is needed to accelerate economic growth and regional competitiveness.

BEACON is implemented across three key components: to improve the quality of ICT and logistics infrastructure, to strengthen the enabling environment and regulatory governance, and to reinforce cybersecurity protections.

In Beacon, REID Foundation is a grantee to  build the capacity of the DICT in procurement and related activities, broaden the perspective and knowledge of DICT on PPP, and contribute to the policy reform effort for PPP and Procurement.




A one-year program that aim is to offer technical support to NIA in improving its capacity to effectively utilize resources. This includes enhancing the efficiency of implementing irrigation projects, whether through local funding, Official Development Assistance (ODA), or Public-Private Partnership (PPP). To achieve this, there will be improvements made to the current procurement procedures, and the internal workforce will receive skill enhancement.


At the conclusion of the contract term specified in this Terms of Reference (TOR), the Consulting Firm is required to create a comprehensive Procurement Manual, ROWA Manual, and SES Manual. These reports must be presented clearly in the English language, compiled into organized documents, and submitted to the National Irrigation Administration.


  1. NIA Procurement Manual and Pertinent Documents/Attachments

  1. Procurement Manual: Volume I – Systems and Organizations

  2. Procurement Manual: Volume II - Infrastructure

  3. Procurement Manual: Volume III- Consulting Services

  4. Procurement Manual: Volume IV – Goods

    2. NIA Right-of-Way Acquisition Manual

    3. NIA Social and Environmental Safeguard Manual

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