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The Better Access and Connectivity (BEACON) Project

BEACON project is a five-year program that intends to promote economic growth by improving the country’s secure and transparent access to information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart logistics. Leveraging existing innovation and investment in the Philippines, the project will help enhance the country’s digital ecosystem by focusing simultaneously on institutional capacity; policy, regulatory, and process improvements; and underlying systems, infrastructure, and interoperability – all undertaken with intensive private sector and multi-stakeholder engagement. The result will be a stronger and more competitive telecommunication market and digital economy which is needed to accelerate economic growth and regional competitiveness.

BEACON is implemented across three key components: to improve the quality of ICT and logistics infrastructure, to strengthen the enabling environment and regulatory governance, and to reinforce cybersecurity protections.

In Beacon, REID Foundation is a grantee to  build the capacity of the DICT in procurement and related activities, broaden the perspective and knowledge of DICT on PPP, and contribute to the policy reform effort for PPP and Procurement.




The Delivering Effective Government for Competitiveness and Inclusive Growth (DELIVER) Project

DELIVER Project is a 5-year program (2019-2023) which intends to be a set of technical interventions that will help address the  problem of weak competitiveness and non-inclusivity of economic growth in the  Philippines which are factors that constrain trade and investment, limit growth  potential and productivity and affect sustainable economic development. 


The interventions will be directed to 3 components; 1) mobilize domestic public  resources and improve public financial management, 2) strengthen capacity for  infrastructure development 3) boost the competitiveness of the micro, small, and  medium enterprise (MSME) sector.


In DELIVER, REID Foundation is a subcontractor that serves as the  key partner in leading activities under Component 2: Capacity for Infrastructure  Development Strengthened and to provide support in activities under Components 1  and 3. The strategic activity areas for Component 2 that REID undertakes are geared  toward strengthening the capacity of line agencies, expanding Public-Private  Partnerships and strengthening interagency coordination through the infrastructure  convergence programs with DPWH, DOT, DTI, DOTR, and others.




The Regulatory Reform Support Program for National Development (RESPOND) Project

This is implemented by the University of the Philippines Public Administration  Research and Extension Services Foundation, Inc. (UPPAF). RESPOND Project is a 4- year program (2019-2022) which aims to assist the Philippines to  improve its regulatory quality that will lead to enhanced competitiveness, and  ultimately, contribute to higher levels of investment and trade, inclusive growth and  self-reliance. The overall goal of RESPOND is to foster a more open and competitive  regulatory environment for greater trade and investment.


REID Foundation will  spearhead strategic activities addressing Behind the Border Non-Tariff Measures  (NTMs) and other Regulations Affecting the Construction Industry. This includes providing technical assistance and conduct of assessment.



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