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REID Foundation is composed of highly-knowledgeable and technically competent individuals looking for high-impact economic sectors with immense growth potential that can be unlocked through network-building and capacity-sharing in which to develop our expertise in.

Macroeconomic Analysis

Macroeconomic knowledge provides an overview advantage in the formation of economic strategy and policy. REID Foundation is brimming with such economic expertise across its entire board, and has utilized this network of knowledge to grow greater ties with both private sector and government entities.

Industry Analysis


Industry trends have great influence on the economic direction and policy priorities of national and local economies. REID Foundation has empowered industry networks through information and analysis sharing provided by the experts in its fold.

Feasibility Studies


Project planning is a key determinant of project success. REID Foundation, using both economic expertise and years of experience, has empowered and capacitated networks of public and private sector actors in the formation and planning of key projects.

National Budget Analysis


The national budget is the political and legal manifestation of an administration’s economic priorities, formulated under the auspices of multiple interests. REID Foundation has technical expertise of the intricacies of the national budget and the ability to bring this tool to level of the stakeholders for leveraging of development goals.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic data is one of the latest tools in the policy planning arsenal. REID Foundation, in its commitment to the use of the latest best practices, equips local and national policy networks with the ability to use and maximize geographic data and analysis.

Public-Private Partnership

Cross-sector cooperation is the future of infrastructure development. REID Foundation has brought together networks of private and public actors and stakeholders in order to facilitate greater cooperation and capacitate them in policy formation and project development.

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