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The Original Logo


The REID Foundation logo is a reflection of the principles which guide and animate us. Our projects have been selected to strengthen economics, education, infrastructure, tourism, transport, and logistics, which we believe are the pillars of the Philippine economy. Our former logo, formed around a pillar, signified our desire to strengthen the Philippine economy by strengthening these pillars, and thus ourselves become a strong pillar.


The New Logo


Our new logo is a single icon, to reflect our singular sense of purpose. That icon is a hexagon, a common shapee of a cell, reflecting our expanded approach covering the power and scope of interconnectedness through network economics. 


The hexagon is cascading, having triangles inside aided by varying pantones, to create the illusion of several 3D boxes inside. This showcases the different shades of our multidimensional origins and our flexible, multidimensional approach. The coming together of the multicoloured triangles symbolizes our network economy framework, bringing together various agents and stakeholders in creating lasting, sustainable solutions.


We retained the pillar, symbol of our strength and commitment, illustrated in sharp lines that declare our capability to integrate the latest technological advances and best practices in our quest to strengthen the Philippine economy. 

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