The DELIVER Project envisages a suite of technical interventions that will help to address the problems of weak competitiveness and non-inclusivity of economic growth in the Philippines, which are factors that constrain trade and investment, limit growth potential and productivity, and affect sustainable economic development. The DELIVER Project seeks to assist the Philippine government and forge partnerships with the private sector, civil society, industry players, and other development stakeholders, to institutionalize innovative and lasting solutions to improve the government’s effectiveness in critical functions and reform areas such as but not limited to public financial management, tax policy and tax administration, domestic resource mobilization, public procurement, infrastructure development and provision, public-private partnerships for infrastructure, trade facilitation, market expansion and linkages for small and medium enterprises (SME), SME financing, and market value chains.


The DELIVER Project encompasses technical assistance activities primarily at the national level but also includes interventions that are local in scope, particularly in the cities under the USAID Cities Development Initiative program and/or conflict-affected areas of Mindanao.


REID Foundation, serves a subcontractor of Chemonics International, in implementing the DELIVER Project. REID Foundation leads  as the key partner  in implementing activities under Component 2: Capacity for Infrastructure Development Strengthened


There are many bottlenecks for infrastructure development, but the USAID-assisted policy improvements in the ROWA policy for national infrastructure projects, such as assisting the DPWH on its advocacy in enacting a new law (RA10752), its IRR, and the DPWH ROW Acquisition Manual (DRAM) have provided a comprehensive and systematic way of dealing with infrastructure. Nonetheless, the ROWA-related problems for infrastructure development still remain as infrastructure development challenges keep on evolving.


DELIVER aims to strategically put forward the continuing reforms in this area. This includes potential further improvement (or amendment) of RA 10752, its IRR, and the DRAM. DELIVER can also accelerate the capacity building of frontliners of DPWH and other relevant government agencies, including assistance to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and national government agencies involved in the flagship projects of the BUILD BUILD BUILD Program of the current Administration. DELIVER can also strengthen the information and education campaign for new ROWA policies for the benefit of external stakeholders of infrastructure agencies as they expand their project planning and implementation.

Specific Task and Responsibilities

The Right-of-Way Legal Expert, will work closely with the DELIVER team and coordinate closely with the Component 2 Team Lead and other relevant international and local consultants (e.g. Infrastructure Advisor, Procurement Expert, ROWA Expert). The consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Support the DELIVER team in formulating an Agency-level ROWA manual for BCDA;

  2. Support the DELIVER team in presenting the draft manual and in conducting policy dialogue and workshops with officers and ROWA-related staff of BCDA, and other related government agencies;

  3. Provide just-in-time technical assistance to policy reform activities related to ROWA.

  4. Serve as a Resource person in designing, and conducting online/offline ROWA-related capacity building activities for participants from selected agencies such as BCDA, and other agencies, based on existing and proposed policy intervention.

  5. Complete other tasks as assigned by DELIVER Chief of Party and Deputy Chief of Party

Qualification Requirements
  1. The Right-of-Way Lawyer must be a bar passer with a law degree

  2. The Right-of-Way Lawyer Expert is expected to be knowledgeable on RA10752

  3. Must have working experience in engaging with right-of-way issues with project managers and stakeholders of at least 5 years

  4. The candidate is preferably adept in conducting seminars, training on Right-of-Way 

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